“You’ll Be Safe Here” – Online Entrepreneurs

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Online shopping has a lot of perks but doesn’t let you take off without worrying at some point. Money + transfer to random stranger = a flash of wide array of situations, mostly, scary.

We, online entrepreneurs, are very much aware of that and are willing to go leaps and bounds to assure our dear clients that “you’ll be safe here”, if I may borrow River Maya’s line.

So what are our measures to somehow appease the online shoppers‘ paranoia?

1. We give out our personal information–name, contact details, links to different online profiles that makes it easier for anyone to taint our reputations if we fail to treat them right.

2. We reply as human as possible–real-time and personalized so we avoid apprehensions coming from auto-reply mechanisms which may lead shoppers to believe that they are transacting with robots or worse, fakes.

3. We entertain meet-ups (if conditions are possible to both parties) so that we may assure clients that we are real and that we are man enough to transact with.

4. We enable payments thru trusted companies like BPI and Globe Gcash so that there are means to confirm account details and eventually trace our profiles thru our bank documents if someone tries to play Pinocchio.

Real, hard-working, passionate online entrepreneurs care about the industry. We love the internet, we love the mobile world, and we love to keep our clients, most importantly. So we put forth our best efforts to make sure everything’s all right (ala Bob Marley)!

In connection, here’s a short tutorial on how to pay using G-cash for online shoppers who are new to online payment.

How to pay using Gcash

If you have a registered Gcash account
1. Type AMOUNT lt;spacegt; 4-digit PIN
2. Send to 28829272022017 (2882+ 10 digits of mobile #)

1. Go to Globe Services Menu in your Sim card
2. Click Postpaid or Prepaid Services
3. Click Gcash
4. Choose Send Gcash

If you don’t have a Gcash Account
1. Visit your nearest Globe Business Center or Authorized Gcash Outlet which accepts Cash-in Transactions
2. Fill up a Gcash Service Form
3. Present a valid ID

Voila! DONE!