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Not sure where to book next?

You might want to go first where visas are not needed or, at least, a lot easier to get! That’s one step less to your trip planning!

Truth be told, I had so much fun doing this article! The work entails that I look at hundreds of travel photos and choose the most inviting ones for every country. How’s that for a job? It lulled me to faraway places, deep in the recesses of my imagination. For a few minutes a day, I’m off to the best of the world through people’s travel photos!

But first things first. Let’s get down to the technicalities.

The differences among visa-free, visa on arrival, and e-visa

VISA-FREE– you may enter the country without applying or paying for a visa. Just bring a passport with 6 months validity, proof of self-support, and usually an onward ticket.

There has been a mutual agreement between the 2 countries that influx of tourist from each other’s countries will both benefit the economy.

VISA ON ARRIVAL– no need for prior visa application. Visa may be secured and paid at the immigration. Just bring a passport with 6 months validity, proof of self-support, and usually an onward ticket. Your entry is still on the immigration’s discretion.

E-VISA– visa application must be accomplished prior trip online and your visa will be waiting for you at the airport.




AFRICA (4 countries)


Morocco (90 days visa-free)

This is my mental picture of Morocco–vibrant color, texture, textile!


Kenya (90 days visa on arrival)

Seeing these live, why not, Kenya?!

Mozambique (30 days visa on arrival)

Mozambique is a paradise for the underwater-loving travelers! Diving, snorkeling, and the coastline dotted with beaches after beaches!

This week we are taking you to Mozambique, The Quirimbas Islands lie in the Indian Ocean off northeastern Mozambique, close to Pemba, the capital of the province of Cabo Delgado. The archipelago consists of about 27 islands, including Ibo, Matemo, Medjumbe, Quirimba, Metundo, Quisiva and Rolas Island. ____________________________________________________________HISTORY: Originally home to fishing settlements, the islands’ population grew around Arab trading posts and thrived under the Portuguese trading routes when it was known as the Ilhas de Sao Lazaro (Islands of St. Lazarus)._____________________________________________________#travelafrica;#brasil;#portugal;#angola;#macau;#maputo;#pemba;#luanda;#lisboa;#saopaulo

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Zambia (90 days visa on arrival)

Scenes like this in Zambia, out of the ordinary!

ASIA (16 countries)


Brunei (14 days visa-free)

That view? I’m in!


Cambodia (21 days visa-free)

Just for this sunrise, visit Cambodia.

#Sunrise in Angkor Wat Happy #Easter! A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Jayme Del Rosario (@jaymeedr) on

Hongkong (14 days visa-free)

Shopping and this, in Hongkong.


Indonesia (30 days visa-free)

Whoa! That view!

Israel (90 days visa-free)

Soak in the real melting pot of culture and religion in Israel.


Laos (30 days visa-free)

Get raw in Laos!

Point view at Phou Khoun, Luang Prabang, Laos Photo: Brian Moto-Mania #LaosPictures #Laos #Asia #ASEAN #LuangPrabang #PhouKhoun A photo posted by Laos Pictures ຮູບພາບປະເທດລາວ (@laospictures) on

Malaysia (30 days visa-free)

See this twin peak in person live in Malaysia!


Mongolia (21 days visa-free)

Witness the past in the present Mongolia! Outdoor lovers will love the rugged nomadic traditions of this raw remote country.

Myanmar (14 days visa-free)

Hot air balloons and temple running in Myanmar!

Bagan, Birmânia.#myanmar #travel

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Singapore (30 days visa- free)

 Order, cleanliness, and hawker street food in this multi-cultural island city-state Singapore.

Thailand (30 days visa-free)

Tropical beaches, royal palaces, ancient ruins and ornate temples in the tourist-flocked and loved Thailand.


Vietnam (21 days visa-free)

Come to Vietnam for beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and bustling cities!  

East Timor (Timor-Leste) (30 days visa on arrival)

Off-the-beaten track adventures await in Timor-Leste!


India (30 days e-visa)

Rich must be the best adjective for India–rich in culture, in people, in texture, in adventure possibilities, in random oddness. 

Maldives (30 days visa on arrival)

Maldives is perfect turquoise clear beaches!

Tag someone you would travel to the #maldives #beautifulearthpix photo by @doyoutravel

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Sri Lanka (30 days visa on arrival)

Diverse wildlife and endless beaches await you in Sri Lanka!

EUROPE (3 countries)


Kosovo (visa-free 90 days)

Kosovo’s state-ness is currently debatable reason for it still being and among the few off-the-beaten tracks in Europe! Enjoy religious heritage,  architecture, and natural landscapes best for hikers and skiers.


Armenia (21 days visa on arrival)

Armenia is actually a Eurasian country. It means that geographically, it belongs to both Europe and Asia. Medieval monasteries and beautiful landscapes attractive to outdoor enthusiasts will reveal an interesting trip in this historically intriguing country.

Georgia (90 days e-visa)

Georgia feels royal and countryside at the same time.

It is also a Eurasian country. It is geographically both in Europe and Asia.



NORTH AMERICA (3 countries)


Costa Rica (30 days visa-free)

Costa Rica is as rich as a woman in beaches, biodiversity, and wildlife!

Haiti (90 days visa-free)

Haiti’s landmarks and ruins remain in tact for travelers to experience despite the last catastrophic earthquake.


Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (30 days visa-free)

Yacht-filled harbors, chic private isles, a major sailing destination can be found at Saint Vincent and the Grenadines!

SOUTH AMERICA (6 countries)


Bolivia (59 days visa-free)

Nature, adventure, culture, and food welcome you in Bolivia!


Brazil (90 days visa-free)

That view alone is enough to make me go to Brazil! Then there are abs-laden men and women, color and sun, beach and life, definitely on my bucket list!

Colombia (90 days visa-free)

Coffee plantation, beaches, and the intriguing Ms Universe relationship we have with Colombia are perfect excuses to go!


Ecuador (90 days visa-free)

Swing at the end of the world in Ecuador?! Yes, please!

Peru (60 days visa-free)

Machu Picchu is on top of my (and many other travelers’) list. It is enough to save up for Peru. And then there are bonuses like textile, color, culture, and adventure! Comiiiinnnggg soon!


Suriname (90 days visa-free)

Tropical rainforest, Dutch colonial-era architecture, and a melting-pot culture, all in Suriname.

 #exotischereizensuriname #suriname   A photo posted by Suriname reizen. (@exotische_reizen_suriname1) on


OCEANIA (5 countries)


Fiji (120 days visa-free)

Fiji is a paradise for divers and snorkelers!


Palau (30 days visa-free)

Scuba diving and snorkeling sites will overwhelm you in Palau!

Tuvalu (30 days visa-free)

9 islands with palm-fringed beaches and WWII sites, aboard the plane to Tuvalu already!


Vanuatu (30 days visa-free)

Vanuatu may not be too popular in this side of the world but prepare to be surprised by its nature! Scuba diving at coral reefs, underwater caverns and wrecks such as the WWII-era troopship SS President Coolidge, Hiking trails ascend active volcanoes are among the few.

Suns out buns out #vanuatu #sunday #CairnsCruiseCrew #getnauti #shipfaced #notgoinghome ☀️   A photo posted by Skye (@skyezie_xx) on

Papua New Guinea (60 days visa on arrival)

Papua New Guinea will shower you with immense cultural and biological diversity! Beaches, coral reefs scuba diving, hiking, and even visiting agricultural villages each with their own languages are just some of what you can enjoy!

Via @businessinsideruk: Rainforests, beaches and misty mountains, Papua New Guinea has it all. One of the last wilderness frontiers, this collection of islands lolls in the South Pacific. The islands are not only home to some of the best diving and snorkeling in the world, but also to indigenous tribes, many of whom are newly unearthed. Annual tribal festivals are an enchanting time to visit. Rhythmic drums and chanting echo into the atmosphere, while a tourist can often be the only outsider there. Travel journalist Ani Shah (@anicheworld) has visited over 90 countries and gave Business Insider her top 12 emerging travel destinations that you have to see. See the full list: #travel #wanderlust #lonelyplanet #papuanewguinea #asia

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Infographic – Visa-free Countries for Filipinos | Travel Finds

Visa-free Countries for Filipinos


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