#TravelFind in Baguio: Chef’s Home

I am no food blogger/critic/enthusiast or any of that but Chef’s Home in Outlook Drive, Baguio City is one blogable, surprisingly great #TravelFind. If you have been following this site, you would have known by now that we are dedicated to travel the world, most especially every inch space of the Philippines to share amazing travel finds. I love to take note of things to try after I read about them and that’s how the Chef’s Home surprise happened. From a random article, to Googling about it, to no expectations, to really happy adventurers.

There will be no food/ restaurant review here but just a shout out to share that if you love to explore places and food, too, you might want to check this Malaysian, ex-Sofitel chef‘s quaint, made-his-home-in-Baguio restaurant.

The Thai grilled pork salad raised the bar for the hungry travelers, and it was uphill from there on. Everything we tried were refreshing, unique, new to the palate. Really a breath of fresh air.

We won’t recommend it though if you’re really hungry and looking for a quick bite. Serving time is that of fine-dining quality, assured that every ingredient is being prepared from scratch.

It was a bonus that the chef was really personal about his approach going to lengths of checking on his guests after serving the meal. It was really a treat.

Do visit them: Chef’s Home at 13 Outlook Drive cor. Romulo Drive, Baguio City
Tel. 0916-4445756 or 0999-7746624

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