Travel Itinerary Template Download


Plan your travels well with this simple but guiding travel itinerary template.

This template will help you:

  • get a general sense of how each day will look like
  • know how much to prepare for the entire trip
  • define what time you should get moving
  • decide on how many hours you have for a specific place or activity
  • remember trivia/info through your research notes

There are notes in some cells marked by yellow triangles. Once you hover on these cells, you will find guides and suggestions on how to use the template.

We hope you become more organized and well-prepared in your next travels! We love spontaneity and getting lost, too! But sometimes, having to pay extra because you didn’t catch your plane/train/bus, or bringing not enough cash (especially in places where atm and money changers are scarce) could make the difference between a great trip and a trip with a series of unfortunate events.

Can we only ask that you share this to someone you know who’ll benefit from this itinerary template?