Travel Finds Shop Launches Its Affiliate Program

Hey, there!

Summer is here and you need some extra cash to re-fund all the travel finds shopping, airline promo booking, and summer getaways bank account hold-up?

Travel Finds Shop is offering you an easy-breezy means to earn some extra travel funds for the season of beaches, outings, and uhm anything-cold-thing binging!



Easy as 1-2-3.

1. Register to our Affiliate Program here.

2. Share your unique Affiliate URL on your blog, on Facebook, Twitter, email–whichever is your favorite and you think you have most influence/following. You will get your affiliate URL from within your affiliate area once you sign up. 

Our system will monitor all your referrals–those who bought from the store led by your link, through your unique affiliate url.

3. Once your dear friend, follower, lurker, stalker :p brought from our online Travel Finds Shop as directed by your link, the system will automatically credit you with 20%(!) of whatever is the cart total of your referral.

Ex. Your friend bought P500 tic-tac-toe board set upon check-out, you automatically get P100 credit!

Pretty easy, huh?

You may use your referral credits as Travel Finds Shop fund or have it deposited to you as cash. That, ladies and gentlemen, is your choice!

Refer more friends, you get more funds!

Sounds like a plan?

Start by registering to our Affiliate Program here.

PS. Would you mind sharing to your friends so they get a chance to earn, as well? Thank you. (Easy share buttons below :])