Travel Finds Enterprise is Looking For a Part-Time Ninja!



Travel Finds is going places! We need extra hands to help us keep Travel Finds a helpful, useful, inspiring website for travelers and future wanderers.


  • Social media marketing chops
  • Basic graphic design/Photoshop skills
  • Copywriting/blogging brilliance
  • Eye for great content and tasteful visuals
  • Inclination to travel and business is a plus


The Travel Finds Ninja will:

  • write travel-related articles to keep the Blog fresh with useful content
  • design visually-engaging online posters and other marketing materials for Travel Finds Shop website and social media accounts
  • manage the enterprise’s social media accounts by searching for share-worthy contents alongside curated travel-related articles

Working hours

We have super flexible hours. Work at your own pace. We know creative people are productive in different conditions. As long as deliverables are in place, we’re good.


1. Do I need to travel with you?

Not necessarily. Unless both our time and resources permit, I’d love to have you in our bazaars and other events, too! We might not even see each other that much, or at all! Thank heavens for the internet, we can work at a goal even at different time zones!

2. Do I need to report for a meeting?

Application is open to everyone in whichever timezone so unless you are based in Manila, where we can hold meetings subject to mutual schedule availability, no, online “meeting” would be enough.

3. Is sample work (writing/graphic design) required?

Yes! You may submit links or files of your personal/previous work (graphic design + written work) on this form. We just want to make sure that we are a perfect fit! After all, we are different kinds of genius; we just have to find someone who shares our definition of great work!

4. What do I get in return?

You will get an open platform to publish your work, find your creative style/writing voice/self/passions while working for our collaterals, and develop multiple skills in creative writing, copywriting, marketing, social media marketing, SEO, business, design, among many others, in a low-stress environment. We will be generous in sharing experience-based design, travel, entrepreneurship, and marketing tips and know-hows. While learning, growing, and actually doing creative work for thousands of our followers to validate, there will be a (minimal) compensation apt for a part-timer.

5. Who can apply?

Anyone with the inkling and growing passions towards travel, entrepreneurship, marketing, social media, and design are, in open arms, welcome to fill out the application form. College students and fresh grads are welcome! We’d love to provide an avenue for young creatives, travelers, and entrepreneurs to explore and grow their passions in a creative and super flexible environment.

6. How Do I Apply?

Just fill up the form below (click this link if the form doesn’t show) and we’ll contact you as soon as we have evaluated everyone and found that you fit the bill!

Any queries and concerns not discussed here may be emailed at

We are excited to virtually meet and grow with you!

Don’t try to deliberately impress us. We’ll sense thru your personality if you are the right fit, so be your usual amazing self!