Travel Finds: Eco Choices From South Cotabato

You all know how we aspire to be a “vehicle for discovering young, raw talents and authentically, proudly Filipino products”, yes?

To collaborate with not only young, raw talents who make proudly Filipino products, but also an eco-conscious enterprise is truly an additional ladder’s rung towards the realization of our vision.

Eco Choices offers really simplistic, hand-made, and most importantly, eco-friendly items.

The Heirs-Inspired Dreamcatcher

The Heirs-Inspired Dreamcatcher

If you’re for all things hand-made, DIY’ed, & environment-friendly, check out Eco Choices’ dreamcatchers & water hyacinth-covered notebooks all the way from South Cotabato on Travel Finds’ shop!

And yes, please help this young enterprise grow and make more amazing things out of their hands. Share this to your eco-conscious friends!

Purchase select Eco Choices items through Travel Finds’ STORE and make at least two people happy today– them and you! :]