Travel Find: Beijing 3d/2n Package P2,488

As part of Travel Finds’ advocacy to inspire and move Philippine citizens and of the world to a life of travel, we have taken upon ourselves the initiative to not only tickle your fancy through travel stories, images, and quotes but also to actually make the traveling lifestyle as easy and as affordable as possible. We understand that difficulty and cost are two factors that shatter travel fantasy thought bubbles.

So as an action plan, we will feature travel finds in the form of travel packages that are simply irresistible!, as a 90’s commercial/song would say.

First of, cue magic word: Great Wall of China (okay make that words)

We have been to a lot of places but a litany of even more continually make it on our list, and these include Beijing!

As a collector of wonders of the world and heritage sites, the Great Wall is an automatic pick. And it’s closer to the Philippines and Cebu Pacific flies to it! That means promo fare!

We found a really irresistible deal on Living Social (we know it as Ensogo)– a 3d/2n trip to Beijing for less than P2,500! Hotel, meals, tour with guide, airport transfer for P2,500? Count us in!

Click the link for more details on the deal and how to avail. It is imperative to bring someone because it’s winter and it’s the Great Wall, and more importantly, you need someone to take pictures or it didn’t happen! :p

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