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I’m a nurse registered nurse. I got into it because at the height of my teen years, even at my 20s, I have no idea which field I must gear up for and battle.

But my heart was in conflict. I heard Oprah say, you will know when you are already in where you are supposed to be. But I never had that feeling in the medical field.

Come 2011, after years of contemplating, at the same time, mustering the courage to take the big leap, I left everything behind (literally and figuratively, even the boyfriend!) and walked away.

My 2012 theme is courage and action. I committed to that after I read the Wanderrgirl’s  Young Go-getter’s Guide to Staying Organized and Motivated for 2012. I planned to do everything that makes my heart beat fast. I plan. I remind myself of my courage and action 2012 theme. Then I do.

Fast forward to 2012, I found this heart-pumping venture that’s been making everything glitter and glow.

I love to travel. I live to travel. And I love anything beautiful. That’s how Travel Finds came to life. Why not make a living out of the very thing you’d live for? Bringing in interesting things from my travels, sharing, and making it available for anyone as interested, but who cannot go as geographically far just yet–that’s my drive. The workable setting for pleasure with business, (which may or may not be the most lucrative option depending on who you ask).

It’s amazing how this is my new work but it doesn’t feel that way. This must be what’s been waiting for me back when I was too scared to take my chances, to follow my gut, at that time when I was still obliging on the society’s dictates of what success and life is all about.

To all confused citizens of the world, know that you already have everything that you need at the moment. Just do what makes your heart beat fast! And make it so that it contributes more meaning to your and other people’s lives.

And yes, seize the day. As of press time, it’s all you’ve got.


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