Travel Tour Expo 2016 Day 1 was insaaaane!

Travel expo

Just in case you haven’t been on social media lately, today is the first day of the Travel Tour Expo!

It was craaaaaazyyy!

I came at 7am (gate opens at 10am) this morning and the line has looped 3 blocks from the entrance!

Travel Tour Expo 2016 queue

I can’t help but ask the guys heading the line. They camped out as early as 3am! Intense!

Anyway, if you’re planning to go tomorrow or on Sunday, here’s a free access to our Travel Expo Survival Kit.

I invoke you to read the guide and make use of the kit so you know what to expect and you’re ready for it. It can really get overwhelming over there even for me!

Remember that tomorrow is Saturday and more people will be available to go to the travel expo, supposedly unlike today when there’s work, so brace yourself.

Now my legs are up after 6 full hours of nonstop standing and walking. But the steal we got, it has all been worth it!

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Give me the Travel Expo Survival Kit!