Philippines and World Travel Checklist

So many places, so little time?

You get overwhelmed when seat sales or travel expos happen because you just want to go everywhere, anywhere!

Let us help you focus on where to go next with this really simple Philippines and World Travel Checklist.

(Download link below)

In a glance you’ll know which places you haven’t been to that you should go when the next opportunity arrives.
That opportunity, you make it!
Seat sales and travel expos give you the affordable means but you deliberately choose to go the next unvisited place in the list.
That is if you dream about going around the country and the world like we do!

If you’re happy going to a few select places over and over again, that’s okay, too.
You might not need this checklist unless you only want to get more ideas which of the 80 Philippine provinces and 197 countries of the world you’ll include in your list.

If that’s the case, get the checklist below.

Keep count of where you’ve been and how many more new places you can go with this simple system.

How-to-use instructions inside.

Philippines Travel Cheklist

Philippines Travel Cheklist

World Travel Checklist

World Travel Checklist

Tick off all 80 provinces of the Philippines and 197 countries of the world!

Monitor where you’ve been and where you should go next!

Account how many places you’ve been and how many more you need to go with this easy cut-paste monitoring system.

Get focused on your travels and achieve your goal to travel the Philippines and the world!


BONUS: VISA-FREE COUNTRIES FOR FILIPINOS CHECKLIST (click this download link in case you want to save one on your e-Books library)

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