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Hub Make Lab


You’ve heard about the newest incubation space for artists and creative entrepreneurs that is the Hub | Make Lab. 

You’ve been wondering if going is worth your time given that the city of Manila is [insert all thoughts of Manila here].

Add to that that traffic is really discouraging to leave your usual coordinates of comfort.


Well, let us share the best of The Hub here and let you decide if it’s a go or a no.


This wall art in the hall going to 98B’s HQ or The Hub


First United Building houses these artworks and the recently opened @hub_ml. Lots of artsy stuff!

A photo posted by Jane Tsai (@trustytoothpick) on


This steel door.

It’s a weird fascination but it makes me happy every time I go to the Hub.  

One more day! See you tomorrow sa #HUBMAKELAB !! #MANILA #ESCOLTA #HolaEscolta   A photo posted by HUB | Make Lab (@hub_ml) on  


The smell of these Eucalyptuses the moment you enter

Hub Make Lab

Eucalyptus heaven #vsco #hubmakelab A photo posted by Emmeline Sia (@emaisia) on


This corner of a beautiful mess.



This partition/ art installation made of paper twine by 1372 Designs

Hub Make Lab 1372 Designs


Artists who do art on the spot


IMG_7746 IMG_7748


Shop that sells works and designs by the entire family, including their kids


IMG_7747 Hub Make Lab 1372 Designs


This pretty shop called General Merchandise.

It’s one of our favorites! 🙂



 And items like these from their store


Mao the Cat enjoying his food with the concrete bento tray. Come visit us today at @hub_ml till 8pm! #concretewares @bsccmdty   A photo posted by GENERAL MERCHANDISE (@gen.mdse) on

Cat not included 🙂

IMG_7736 IMG_7733 Hub Make Lab Gen Mdse


Passionate artists who man their shops

(Like Jose Tong of Gen. Mdse.)

Hub Make Lab Gen Mdse


Capsule wardrobe shows and other events that happen every now and then like this one


Double Eu: Jose Tong x Euniform   A photo posted by Juan Paolo de la Cruz (@_juandelacruz_) on

Forever Ugly‘s beautiful rustic industrial space and witty funny totes


Hub Make Lab Forever Ugly

CIVG: Collectors’ Items and Vintage Goods


Hub Make Lab CIVG


This ingenious old school cassette tapes lamp by Raqsified!


Hub Make Lab Raqsified casette lamp

+ Weekendly intimate leathercraft workshops by Raqs herself

Hub Make Lab Raqsified


Heritage initiatives and related goods by Heritage Collective

IMG_7740 Hub Make Lab Heritage Collective


SocEnt goods like these Guerilla Bags!

They use local textiles and support empowerment-needing artisans from the provinces.


Hub Make Lab Guerilla bags


Locally concocted scents by Simoy ng Haraya.

We’re so lucky they’re our neighbor! We always smell good!


Photo by Real Living

Photo by Real Living

Hub Make Lab  Simoy ng Haraya


Clay and Pottery handmades and workshop by Clay Stories



This brilliant green idea by MNL Grow Kits.

You get all you need to grow your garden in this box.   Hub Make Lab MNL Grow Kits


3D Printing services by 3nd Box, anyone?


Hub Make Lab 3nd box


Custom-made pieces of beautiful furniture by Warden Home and Oliohaus


Photo by Real Living


Photo by Real Living


A photojourn studio by Rules of Raw


There’s always that one perfect spot. #art #spot A photo posted by kookie Lim (@kooxlim) on


They have the best homemade healthy ice cream ever, too!


Fred’s Revolución‘s craft, draft, tap beers that the people of Cubao X love.

Their branch #2 has started revolution at Escolta!


@elpagosausages and @popinsbreadshop live at Fred’s Revolucion in Escolta #hubmakelab #escoltarising #firstunitedbuilding #escolta A photo posted by Fred’s Revolucion (@freds_revolucion) on


Hub Make Lab Fred's Revolución  

And of course, our limited, nowhere-else-to-be-found travel finds and designs found a new home at the Hub, too!

We have a few of our select partners moving the boho and traveling lifestyle share the space, as well!   TFS The Hub

Imagine how resourceful and brilliant someone can be! #tictactoe #travelfinds #wood #art A photo posted by kookie Lim (@kooxlim) on


Hub Make Lab Banonay

Your cutesy laundry icons bag is waiting for you at The Hub! Come pick it up at Space 20, Hub | Make Lab, Escolta MNL!   A photo posted by Travel Finds (@travelfindsshop) on



If you need more nudge, here are MORE AND THE BETTER REASONS TO VISIT HUB | MAKE LAB

  • Your visit to The Hub support the pioneering batch of local, independent, and emerging artists and businesses of Hub | Make Lab.
  • Which may lead to providing permanent incubation space for more entrepreneurs and makers if this first batch proves to be a worthy pursuit.
  • Encouraging growth of the incubation space nurtures more small businesses, which, as we know, ultimately makes up and boosts a strong economy.
  • You also take part in the bigger cause that started this project in the first place– that is bringing back life to what was once pre-war Manila’s premier commercial district– Escolta.
  • A re-enliven Escolta will encourage more investments in the area, which will give jobs to locals.
  • This will, hopefully, in the grander scheme of things, make Manila, our capital, a clean, vibrant city we can all be proud of.

Hub | Make Lab is just an initiative by 98B Collaboratory but we can all take part in pushing the advocacy forward; in our small little way, like going, inviting friends, and sharing about the space to your network.


Don’t be a tourist in your own city (like what most Instagram posts of people who have recently been to Escolta always say about themselves).

It’s great if the shops earn but it is waaaaayyy better for all of us if the campaign succeeds.

This is the part where you do your share.

Schedule a visit. Tag a friend. Spread the word. Buy from the shops. Tour the area. Repeat.

Photos by LA Madridejos and Jayme del Rosario


How to Get There

Hub | Make Lab is at 413 First United Building Corp., Escolta St., Manila, Metro Manila

Commuters Guide Going to Escolta from 98B

Easiest and fastest way: Via LRT & MRT

Coming from SM North / Trinoma:

Take a bus, Jeep, taxi etc. Going to the Roosevelt station of the LRT 1 (Yellow line).
Take the train at platform a southbound headed towards baclaran and get off at the Carriedo Station. (Count 11 stations)
Walk towards the BPI building and right next to it is Escolta St.

Coming from Cubao:

Take a bus, Jeep, taxi, MRT etc. Going to the Araneta Center Cubao Station of the LRT 2 (Purple line).
Take the train at platform has westbound headed for Recto Station.
Get off at Recto Station (last train stop) and head towards the Odeon Mall exit.
Exit the Odeon Mall at STI Rizal Avenue exit and cross the street towards Chowking.
Ride a jeep going to Sta. Cruz (PhP 8.00) and tell the driver to drop you off at Escolta.

Coming from Edsa Taft:

Take a bus, Jeep, taxi, MRT etc. going to the EDSA station of the LRT 1 (Yellow line).
Take a train at platform b northbound headed for Roosevelt Station.
Get off at the Carriedo Station (Count 8 stations).
Walk towards the BPI building and right next to it is Escolta St.

Hub: Make Lab Hours

The Hub is open from 11am-8pm, Tuesdays to Sundays