Rainy Day Travel Necessities



Summer has inevitably come to an end. The rainy days are here. Finally a relief for the maddening heat, but an end to road trips, hikes, and beach trips!

Unless you are, of course, a relentless traveler, not even the rain can push you back.

Why travel during the rainy days?

7 letters.


That means, everything’s cheaper than usual.

It’s easier on the pocket for a reason, of course– inconveniences, lesser time to stroll outdoors, you know it!

But nothing can dampen the spirit of anyone mad about travel. So they come prepared. And you can, too!

Rainy Day Travel Necessities

Here are necessary gears to pack when traveling during the rainy season:

  1. Packable waterproof jacket/ foldable umbrella/ rain poncho

  2. Resealable airtight plastic bags/ ziplock plastic bags/waterproof sack for your gadgets and other belongings

    Waterproof Plastic Bag by Go Travel Accessories available in Travel Club Stores P690

    Waterproof Plastic Bag by Go Travel Accessories available in Travel Club Stores P690

  3. Sense of humor and adventure.

    A true adventurer makes fun of puddle of muds splashing on one’s legs. He/she doesn’t catch the gloom when the rain drops start to take the sunshine away.

  4. Water-resistant backpack/ rain cover for your backpack

    Waterproof Backpack Cover on Ebay, P225

    Waterproof Backpack Cover on Ebay, P225

  5. Footwear for the rain (like Crocs).

    Whenever I’m headed somewhere at risk of getting wet, I always use my old trusted Crocs, a little less fashionable but always keeps me worry-free.

    Crocs for the wet season

    Crocs for the wet season

  6. Weather app.

    The weather forecast is just one click away. Update your favorite app to help you set up your day’s itinerary.

  7. Mosquito repellant

    because rain means mosquitoes and scratching endlessly has proven to ruin anyone’s day.

  8. Smart planning

    Arrange going to museums, galleries, cafes, and shops during the forecasted rainy day. It may also be smart to set bar and restaurant exploration during these drenched times. Local immersion, anyone?

  9. Get your gremlin spirit out

    and simply enjoy the rain biking or trying out theme parks

  10. Vitamin C.

    In case the rain is heavier than the gears can take, load up on some immunity-boosting vitamins.


The spirit of a true traveler is not weather or conditions-dependent. The energy and enthusiasm to explore, to discover, and to see come from within. The determined traveler, because s/he is but a human searches for means to protect the body so s/he may go on unhindered by physical restrictions.

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