TFS Design: Hand-Printed Sprig Traveler’s Kit

TFS Design: Hand-Printed Sprig Traveler’s Kit


TFS Design: Hand-Printed Sprig Traveler's Kit

Keep all your travel essentials in this roomy traveler’s kit, with nowhere-else-to-be-found sprig print manually handprinted to give you a very raw experience.

Only you will own this among your peers like a true blue boho!

Fabric: linen

Fabric Color: creamish super light brown

Zipper: gold

Lining: cotton

Puller: handmade leather tassel by Raqsified

Print: handprinted sprig; rubber stamp made by Handmade Home

Print Color: gold

Seamstress: skilled Ate Tess from Kamuning

Handmade in Manila

Additional Information

Dimensions 7.5 x 2.5 x 5.5 in

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I was ready to shift from my love for canvas to falling in love with linen. So I thought about developing products around it.

I got inspired by unique prints. When you’re officially a member of the elite club of #titasofmanila, you have an inexplicably sudden appreciation for plants–herbs, sprigs, even weeds, these look artistic in your eyes. You now notice them in travels, you take photos of them out of nowhere. You suddenly are infatuated with those little green patterns like they are special art forms.

So sprig is now in the list of designs.

I asked a good friend Dian of Handmade Home to make me a rubber stamp of the sprig (among many others :)). Hoarded bottles of textile paint at National Bookstore, and set up my fabric printing workshop :).

It was therapeutic and fulfilling; to see a plain stretch of linen be filled with prints that were stamped one by one by hand; and bring those yards to ate Tess, explain the design and materials I wanted; pick it up as finished product.

All these processes are overwhelming, tiring, and exhilarating.

Oh to take a product photo of it is so full of feelings and thoughts.