Handmade Leather Passport Holder by Raqsified

Handmade Leather Passport Holder by Raqsified


Handmade for travel by Raqsified: Leather Passport Holder

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Material: leather
Make: Handsewn saddle stitching

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Dimensions 3.74 x 5.24 in

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Imagine entering the leather haven in Marikina.

After obsessive selection of the best leather available, each one gets special attention– treated, dusted, cleaned, ironed, polished.

Now visualize each leather being ruled, lined, and cut one by one by crafty hands, attention to details–on point, use of tools–mastered. These same careful hands sew thread in and out making sure each part is aligned.

That’s about the tedious process of creating your handmade passport holder. No automatic machine used, each piece was given, time, attention, emotion, and story.

Raqs can tell you a story of what’s happening while each piece was being made–conversations engaged in, snacks devoured, particular emotion at a particular time.

You see, with each piece, you bought a part of Raq’s time, heart, story, soul.

That’s exactly what you get for every handmade.

You’re not just buying a passport holder. You’re expressing your support to handmakers–to people who chose to give you options that the mainstream commercial establishments can’t give anymore. And with that, you’re contributing to prospering the art of slow design, of handmade, of thoughtful and intentional products. You’re not surrendering to mass-produced items.

You are saying you want more humane and soulful merchandise. You want to surround yourself with life–material, yes, but made filled with life.