Privacy Policy

We collect your e-mail address for the purpose of our own marketing efforts and direct communication with our community. We do not sell or share your information in whatsoever form.

We don’t like spam, too, so you can be sure we will never send any of those. Besides, if you don’t like what we send you, our statistics will hurt.

We are committed to taking care of your details, sending you only valuable information, updates that we believe will benefit you in one way or the other.

We respect your privacy, your time, and your inbox enough that we put much thought and effort in every e-mail that we send your way. Even if it’s just a quick update, we read it 5 times or more until we feel comfortable sending them.

Besides all these care, we hope to build a meaningful relationship with you by being helpful, direct + brief + concise, and really personal in our approach. We write all our emails personally. And we love getting in touch using communication medium that you will enjoy, easily understand, and totally dig.

Thank you once again for entrusting your email information with us. We only want you updated first about our business, our advocacies, and new travel finds that we hope you’ll love as we do before any one in the world!

See you in your inbox!

(See, we don’t like the all stiff, super formal, no-one-actually-understands privacy policy that corporations usually write. Everything’s just from our heart. :))