Travel Finds Photo Story

Photography-adept or not, one may have noticed how raw or minimally edited the photos found in this site are. It was intended right from the brainstorming age of Travel Finds.

Love your flaws. Love your imperfections. Love all the unique beauty that you are. These are some of the core messages that we want to convey on Travel Finds.

We can only find that we are looking for if we look beyond the superficial.

We don’t want perfect models. We’d like that you like what you see here exactly because you see them on equally flawed human beings– that you can use them because, imperfect as they are, they can.

So fuss not about the photos. They are there to visually help you decide. We could’ve made them perfect and polished–everybody knows what Photoshop can do these days. But we opt not to.

Let’s stick to the organic.