Manila for Foreigners GET Guide

Take your foreign guests around Manila with this crowd-sourced guide

This Manila for Foreigners GET (Go, Eat, Try) Guide will help you decide:

  • Where to bring your guests around and outside Manila
  • Where and what to recommend your guests to eat
  • What other activities to have your guests try in Manila

This GET (Go, Eat, Try) Guide is a product of a need to entertain foreign guests. Sharing this to all who might be faced with the same responsibility. As it was crowd-sourced– from my experiences, my Facebook friends’ recommendations, and other travel blogs’ suggestions, friends have vouched that these were enjoyed and approved by guests. You’ll have a high probability of being the most awesome host ever! That’s a win-win-win for you, for the guests, and for the Philippines! Woot!

Can we only ask that you share this to someone you know who’ll benefit from this GET guide?