La Vie Boheme Collection: Bangkok Travel Finds

One August weekend, to Bangkok we walked. The city was graced by men and women with interesting fashion choices, a beautiful contrast of the society’s young and old as it happens to host an array of temples to see, as well. While the aztec/chevron trend has been around for some time now, we haven’t seen such massive collection of irresistible designs on a variety of pieces as we did in the city hailed as Europe in Asia. So we decided to take some home for our followers! We took tribal-print backpacks and purses, too! Like that isn’t enough, we found those lovely round shades that suit just right for these Bohemian collection! On top of those, we found cutesy travel journals with cameras and vintage designs that came in a perfect pocket size as you may know by now, we advocate traveling light, in style! So here are some of our travel finds in Bangkok, Thailand. Enjoy! Add to cart now before somebody else does. We have a single piece for each, So think before you think to think twice! These are limited edition, and to help you decide further, fairly cheap, too! :p Head on to our store now! :] Yes!