Travel Finds Artist: Discover Jamie Fournier, The Women’s Stories

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(Editor’s Note) Get to know our Travel Finds Artist, Jamie Fournier. We say less, we hand her the microphone (spotlight on, too!)

7 Things About Jamie Fournier

Who is Jamie Fournier?

A freelance events host. An artist. A blogger. A gypsy. Most of all a dreamer, forever a dreamer. Handpainting-printed canvas bags by Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds IMG_9498

Why the fascination with faces of women?

I paint as a way of expressing my feelings. These women are often reflections of me in one way or another, whether it’s love I’m expressing, strength, or sadness.

What inspires you?

My own emotions. Artistic environments. Beauty in different forms. Handpainting-printed canvas bags by Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds IMG_9524

Describe the thought process in creating the portraits of women. Are they that vivid in your head or do they evolve along the process?

I never have a final product in mind. In fact, when I paint I often have no plans of ever arriving at a specific visual or message. My feelings often dictate what I paint. With that said, my paintings are often products of some sort of evolution and fluidity.

How did you get into painting? Since when? Who discovered your talent for it/ how did you finally realize you have the talent for it?

I’ve always loved drawing and I can’t even remember when I started scribbling away. As far as I know, I’ve started drawing since I’ve known how to use a pencil. It is my grandmother that I have to thank, though, for always encouraging me to pursue this. She sent us, my brothers and I, to art classes every summer. For the first summer, I started with pastel and then moved on to charcoal, and then during the last summer of art lessons, I chose oil painting.

I always tell people art is a form of expression and with that said, I always say anyone can paint.

To answer the last question, up until know I wouldn’t say that it’s a talent but I will say it’s my passion. I’ve always known that painting/drawing/designing has always made me feel alive and free. Best of all, it nurtures my complete submission to the beauty of the art. When I paint, I get lost in my emotions and I get lost in beauty and it’s the most amazing feeling I’ve ever had. This feeling I’ve always known since I’ve started drawing.

Which among the 12 paintings stands out the most for you? Which resonates you at present?

I paint mostly when I’m sad or going through something big in my life. Most of the paintings show that kind of emotion. With that said, I would say La Fille stands out the most. She’s the most serene, calm, and she reminds me of my old optimistic self. She definitely is my favorite if I have to choose from this collection.

Of all the 12 paintings, I would say La Dame Rouge resonates me the most at present.

Asleep for so long, Dreams forgotten. The world took over.

Asleep for so long, Her heart was dormant, Cold and gone.

She woke up, And found her dreams again. She woke up, And found herself again, Hope, Strength and love.

And most of all, peace. Asleep no more.

Peace, peace is what I feel I’ve finally given importance to. The world often breaks you down, or your dreams down, and sometimes we forget that we have a fighting chance. At this point of my life, I know what matters to me and I’m lucky my life is finally able to give way to it.

Asleep no more, yes.

Words of artist’s wisdom to young aspiring artists/ painters Handpainting-printed canvas bags by Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds IMG_9500

1. The Craft

If you know your heart screams it, if you know you get lost in it, if you know you’re passionate about it, never let go. The most beautiful thing about painting is how it captures who you are or what you’re going through in life. You have to be genuinely in love with it to truly pursue it. It took me years to even give this aspect of my life a chance. One thing I did though was to always know that this was one of the things I was entirely passionate about and I never let go.

And here I am, still painting at 29 like the li’l 7 year old who was sprawled on the floor scribbling mountains and people with her pencil and sheets of paper on the floor in her room.

2. Painting itself (e.g. tips, techniques you learned the hard way, etc)

I’m more of an impressionist. I paint my own perception, I was never good with details because it often was boring for me and that’s just who I am as an artist.

My advice is to know what medium you’re most comfortable with or what medium you love the most and to discover how you can successfully express yourself and your emotions using that medium.

Art is never forced, it should never be forced. Know who you are as an artist and pursue that. Through those three summers of art classes, one thing I appreciated about my art teacher was how she nurtured this philosophy. She’d choose an image and tell me to paint it in my own way using the medium I was focusing on for that summer. The artwork that often was chosen as the best was the one that was the most different from the original image, the one that reflected me and my own style. This I have never forgotten and I still continue to paint with this mindset.

Again if you love painting, never let go and keep sharing your passion! Handpainting-printed canvas bags by Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds IMG_9499

Second Collection of Canvas Bags: The Women’s Stories

By Jamie Fournier

My second collection of canvas bags will be out soon. (We are now on our 4th collection. Visit our store to know more.) This one’s a tad bit from different from the first one as they aren’t hand-painted canvas bags. We opted to have them printed this time around. The reason behind this is I wanted to be able to completely express myself the way I normally do.

I paint during the intense and significant moments in my life. When these moments transpire, I just pick my brushes up and immerse myself in whatever medium I have at that given time.

Doing this helps me drown out the world and to me, it’s the most beautiful feeling I could ever feel. It’s the feeling of complete surrender.

It’s (to write about the stories of these women) probably the most difficult thing to do: to find the words to explain my emotions and the reason behind their existence. But I must try so I can share their stories, my stories.

When I look at these paintings, at these women, I feel inspired because I know that I’ve captured a moment in my life that has deeply impacted who I am today.

I hope that my words along with these paintings will also inspire those who look at them and those who will one day own them like I own them in my heart.

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