Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds: Waiting Art Bag

This is part of the Portraits of Women on Canvas Bag Art Series II by Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds. Pre-order designs on Travel Finds’ Shop. Part of the proceeds will benefit the displaced families of super typhoon Yolanda.

My Art. Waiting.02/2013



I painted her about 9 months ago. I used unusually bright colors, but her face still reflects the same expression as most of my paintings show.

A lil lost, but hopeful forever waiting.

She is beautiful yet strong. Lost, yet sure she’s on the right track. Colorful yet sad. She’s a walking contradiction, the type of woman that’s hard to figure out. But most of all, she’s real. And that’s why I love her, this painting.

She represents both my strengths and my weaknesses.

She showcases what I’ve always believed in my life, and that is:

to be real at all times; to just be you and all will fall into place.

Art and words by Jamie Fournier

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