4: Rethink Misadventures with Jed Rosell of Biyaherong Barat

Jed Islas Gigantes


This is #4 of a series of interviews with some of the most followed travelers in the blogosphere. Our aim is to pick a portion of their traveling minds to inspire you to get on the traveling lifestyle and help you acquire a wider perspective on life while life happens to you.

Biyaherong Barat in Antique

Biyaherong Barat in Antique


Our 4th generous traveler is Jed Rosell of Biyaherong Barat who is also part-founder of the Travel Operator, Biyahe Lokal. Jed’s photos are captivating, and really skilled. His photography might just be his best tool as a blogger. Definitely makes you want to go to wherever he just went. He makes it look soooo enticing and interesting. If you’re into travel, photography, and music, these are Biyaherong Barat’s jam. We recommend you follow him, or better yet, join his travels!


Learn a thing or two, and as Seth Godin would say, more importantly, do something about it.


Interview with a Traveler #4: Jed Rosell

Someone walks up to you somewhere in travel and asks you, “what do you do that makes you feel alive?” what would your 10 second answer be?


Jed camera

How did you get into the point of being a true blue traveler (and not just a weekend tripper/vacationer)? Bring us to that moment.

When I decided that I wanted to see, experience, and learn more.

What was holding you back from being a traveler?


What are the top 3 things you never travel without (excluding basic necessities)?


  • Camera & tripod kit (which is really a burden)
  • a multi­tool pocket knife
  • my old ragged lucky shirt which I bought in some ukay­ukay in Anonas for P10.00 many years ago.

What’s the first 90 minutes of your day in travel like?

  • Having coffee or eating heavy breakfast while
  • reviewing images on the internet of my destination for that day (if internet access is available).

What’s that traveling habit/skill you wished you have?


Biyaherong Barat in Panay

Biyaherong Barat in Panay


What’s your worst traveler moment?

When you don’t have a place to stay and there’s not much money left.

How did you get away/around it?

There’s always good people out there who is willing to help a stranger.

What’s your biggest takeaway from that experience?

I don’t believe in misadventures. They’re all part of the adventure. Things don’t always go as planned, so for me, misadventures are fine. Just don’t dwell too much on a single problem. There’s always a solution to every problem or challenge, you just have to open your eyes and work on it. Think positive and always be grateful to the people who help you along the way.

Jed gigantes Islas

Biyaherong Barat in Islas Gigantes


What’ your biggest weakness as a traveler?


What’s your biggest strength as a traveler that makes you the best to travel with?

I always find a way to get me from point A to point B – even if I have to walk for kilometers. Walking saves me a lot of money. Hitch­hiking has its own wonders too.
Jed Intramuros

Give us one aha moment you had while in travel.

Hitch­hiking has its own wonders.

Currently, how are you generating income?

My friends and I, run a small travel business, Biyahe Lokal. Kindly visit us on Facebook– please.
biyahe lokal logo

Of all the things you’re doing, what’s the one thing that has you most fired up right now?

Biking. I bought an old bike from a friend just a few months ago, and somehow fixed it to a good running condition but still has a lot of work needed. Nevertheless, I realized that with a bike, I can go anywhere without spending too much.

What is a personal habit that you think contributes to your success?

Spending an hour a day for exercise. Having good body conditioning is not required when traveling but the difference can be felt on strenuous activities and long-­term backpacking.

Internet resource that has been useful for you in travel

All the local travel blogs in the internet has been my guide and inspiration even before I started blogging on my own. Thanks to all of them.

One book you highly recommend.

The Art of a Photograph: Essential Habits For Strong Compositions by Art Wolfe – I love photography books.

If you were to live again with a clean slate, give us a visual of how your life will look like.

I’d still be traveling and taking pictures, but would’ve started solo backpacking earlier.

Jed Panay Capiz

Biyaherong Barat’s Jed in Panay, Capiz



To end this interview, what’s your one parting piece of guidance?

You are your own adventure. -@biyaherongbarat


Jed Fang-od

Biyaherong Barat’s Jed being tattoed by Fang-od in Kalinga


What’s the best way we can connect with you?

Email : jedryan_rosell@yahoo.com.ph

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/biyaherongbarat

Twitter : https://twitter.com/BiyaherongBarat

Instagram : https://instagram.com/biyaherongbarat/

Thank you, Jed for your generosity with your time and insights! Safe travels wherever you are today and we hope you continue to come home changed!

All photos are from Jed of Biyaherong Barat unless otherwise stated.


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  • Jed Rosell

    Maraming salamat po.

  • Jed Rosell

    I remember that photo with Fang-Od, I almost fainted (kahit na 5th tattoo session ko na ‘to).

    Love that photo.

    • Inked by a (hopefully) soon-to-be National Artist! m/ Worth the almost-fainting na! Pero seryoso, ganun kasakit? Grabe yung iba, ang lalaki ng pinapa-tattoo! 😀

      • Jed Rosell

        Maybe it was the method. Nakakasindak kase first time. Nung 2nd na balik ko, ok na ko. Hehe. I have a problem with needles din kase.

  • Jed Rosell

    Germinate. Noted! Hahaha

    • hahaha! Blame the last article I just read. Hindi na lang spread the love. Germinate the love na! 😀