How to Organize Currency Remains from Travels


A quick, and we should say, brilliant, post-travel hack that can solve your international currency remains conundrum!

All travelers have accumulated quite a number of (different faces with all the weirdest head dresses and national costumes parading their) currencies after all those airports and railroads. No budgeting or expense estimation is perfect, so sometimes, we have more saved, and that’s always a good thing!!! There’s always a next time, after all!

To help you organize all those more-than-welcomed remains, here’s a practical idea!



How to Organize Your Currency Remains

How to Organize Your Currency Remains

A small, affordable file organizer divided and labeled into countries’ currencies will do the trick!

Now you don’t have to figure out which bills or coins you have to sort out on your next trip. No more confusion, no more wasting time making sure you’re handing out the right currency.

Smart, eh?

How have you been keeping track of your travel-accumulated currencies?

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