How About Your Very Own Trip Manager?

Sounds appealing, huh? Travel #likeaboss?!

Well, that’s exactly what you get when you entrust your next travel destination to the Trip Manager.

One of our latest #travelfinds this quarter is the most recent gift to the world of travel.

Trip Manager is the one-stop place for domestic and international tours and flights, accommodations, and adventures. This newcomer will surely get you (better than your executive assistant, if you’re badass to have one :p) as the brain behind this passion enterprise is fuelled by wanderlust, as practical as a backpacker, whose attention to detail is laser sharp.


Get here–the majestic Kyoto, with your very own Trip Manager!

Have the pleasure of having your trip– may it be personal leisure or a corporate team building, arranged by the Trip Manager. And have a stress-free trip from planning until your trip back home!

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They have amazing packages so be among the lucky ones to get first slots by following them on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.

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