A Traveler’s Guide in Choosing an Accommodation


Ever been in a middle of a gruelling travel planning night, you have your shortlist of preferred accommodation in place, but can’t seem to decide where to stay best?

We made a set of criteria for judging a potential accommodation. Use this to help you whenever you get stuck in another decision-making dilemma.

A Traveler’s Guide in Choosing an Accommodation

  1. Price

    Define your budget for an accommodation and filter your search to match this price. This cuts your searching and comparing time significantly. Plus it prevents you from wishful thinking you have $1000 disposable fund for a night of stay.

    What to ask when comparing: Is this price well within my budget?

    Choose the middle rate. You’ll get what you pay for for the cheapest ones. The higher rates are, well, expensive.

  2. Proximity to public transportation/ points of interests

    Kuala Lumpur Train Station

    Kuala Lumpur Train Station

    Staying in the middle of everything (or near the transportation that can bring you everywhere) saves you time and money. It makes you feel secure. It allows you to see and experience more. This is most true with limited vacation days. Maximize days by being near. It’s a totally different story, though, if you’re gunning for some peace and quiet.

    What to ask when comparing: Which place is nearest the train/bus/local PUV?

    When there are several in the area, decide which gives you a better rest in relation to noise level, feeling of security, proximity to convenience stores and restaurants, and least volume of people, all based on the reviews.

  3. Cleanliness of the bathroom jaYmEdr tumblr Travelthon Bangkok leg Shared bathroom DSC_1775

    The room may be basic, even lacking TV or furniture, but the restroom has to be rest-conducive.

    What to ask when comparing: Which has the notable review on bathrooms, either commendation or complaint?

  4. Wifi

    Internet connection helps in planning the next day when urgent questions arise and immediate research is required. This is especially helpful for cross-country trips which may require you to book tickets as you go.

    What to ask when comparing: Which offers free Wifi connection? Is it fast enough for research?

    Reviews usually give these info away. They either love or despise the connection. Take note of those remarks. Ditch those that charge for Wifi. That is sooo 2000.

  5. Feel/Experience

    One of our great finds in Bangkok--Udee Bangkok Hostel

    One of our great finds in Bangkok–Udee Bangkok Hostel

    jaymedr photography travelthon Malaysia pods stage

    Fun, artsy vibe in Pods Backpackers Hostel in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


    Look for texture, character, uniqueness when booking a place. A place that’s in sync with the kind of culture and vibe you want to have contributes to the over-all travel experience.

    If you go to Seoul for the art and cafe immersion, staying in a hostel that’s interiorly designed well will definitely make your stay a lot more endorphins-boosting than staying in a generic hotel.

    What to ask when comparing: Which takes pride on their interior design, their community of travelers, and probably an advocacy/community service? Pods

    Accommodation websites that give premium to culture and experience usually highlight photos of their Pinterestingly-designed spaces, in-house events, or their experiences with their guest travelers. These are usually indicators that your accommodation-to-be is not all beds and linens, it’s a total experience! Pods art

  6. Reviews

    Although this may be taken with a grain of salt (as reviews are highly subjective always depending on one’s disposition, temperament, and expectations), it’s an added measure to get a bigger picture. Knowing past guests’ thoughts gives you an idea what to expect, both good and bad. More over, it allows you to manage your expectations therefore giving you a better experience. As one wise person said, happiness=reality-expectation

    What to ask when comparing: What are the worst reviews of that place? Do those bother me or are those tolerable?

    Reviews of people can actually be assessed. If there are 2 contradicting reviews on the same matter, chances are someone got a little too biased. If there are repetitive comments, probability is high that it’s true. Read sample reviews from current and 3, 6, 12 months from before to get a feel of how that place is like. Invest time if you don’t want a traumatic experience.

In this time and technology, there is nobody else to blame for avoidable terrible experiences but you. There are surpluses of resources to control the things you can so you only leave the things you can’t to spontaneity. The internet can even provide you with decision-making guides to help you know the difference.

We hope this becomes helpful for when you need to find a place. (Bookmark or save to Pocket or Instapaper!)

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