Gift Ideas For Your Travel Buddies



Last minute shopping, eh? We know how it feels! With the insanity-triggering metro-wide traffic, gift hunting has been all the more an amazing race!

Don’t you worry, we decided to share our  curated gift-idea-for-the-traveler list with you! We’re gift shopping probably buzzer beater, too!

Given all the adventures you had together, we’re sure you know your travel buddies too well. You have a friend who seems to pack her whole closet, and a friend who seems to be always sleeping during land transfers, and a friend who documents every step of your travel.

One of the things we must consider in finding the perfect gift is the personality of the person we will give it to. Of course, we want to make sure that our gift will be useful to them.

Travel Finds Shop scoured old and new breed brands to spark travel gift ideas that would suit your travel buddies personalities.

1. Stylish Sarah

For your friend who travels in style, Wanderskye’s luggage cover is perfect for her. This luggage cover would definitely make anyone stand out in the crowd. There are a lot of designs to choose from. Aside from it’s artistic style, it also protects the bag from dirt, stains, scratches and bruises. This cover is also eco-friendly and proudly designed by Filipino artists.


Where to get it: Wanderskye website

How much: Small: P1195.00; Medium: P1395.00; Large: P1595.00


2. Neat-freak Natalie

For your friend who wants to keep it organized, Paccube’s packing cube would be the best gift this Christmas. As what their tagline says: Packing made easy. This would help her separate her things from toiletries to undergarments; her clean clothes from the dirty clothes. They have sizes from S – XL that would surely fit all of her things.

Where to get it: Paccube website

How much: Full set packing cubes: P850.00


3. Planner Patty

For your travel buddy who takes charge of planning and creating your itinerary, Bo’s Coffee’s Origins: Travel Journal is perfect for her. This journal was initiated by Bo’s Coffee to support fellow homegrown brands and talents, from the cover of the journal to the sketches inside are all Filipino-made. The planner also consists discounts from local partners such as Trail Adventours, Culture Shock PH, Bambike, Gawad Kalinga and a lot more. Aside from that, they included challenges inside that would encourage you to travel. The more fun part is, once you’ve completed a challenge, you will get a reward from Bo’s Coffee! To know more about this journal, read it here.

Where to get it: At any Bo’s Coffee Branches. Click here for the list of their branches.

How much: P1000.00


4. Ultimate Wanderer Juan

To your buddy who dreams of traveling the whole world one day, Travelogue would be the best gift for him. Travelogue is a travel journal that includes tips, advices and miniature scratch maps of the different regions of the world. This is also best used to document his travel experiences for a lifetime.



Where to get this: Quirks website or at any Quirks Branches, check here.

How much: P1050


5. Workaholic Wilma

To your buddy who rarely joins your out of town due to the demands of her work, you could give her a gift that would inspire her to travel more often that she can keep at work or home. Papemelroti’s Easel Photo Art would never fail to encourage and inspire anyone to satisfy their wanderlust.



Where to get it: At any Papemelroti stores or in their website.

How much: As low as P198.00

6. Artsy Abby

For your friend who highly appreciates arts, JCAF Art Bag would definitely suit her. Jamie Fournier is the painter behind Travel Finds Shop’s art bags and she based her paintings on the wonderful souls she met on her travels. These bags are made by the artisans from Paete, Laguna. These bags are light and chic for traveling and definitely a head-turner. Each of the bags has their own personality. New faces included in the 4th collection of the Jcaf art bags are available for pre-order on Travel Finds Shop!

La Dame Rouge Art Bag in Nashville. Photography by Antonio Fajardo


Where to get it: Travel Finds Shop

How much: P350 – 450

7. Sleepyhead Sam

To your friend who seems to always need to catch up some sleep, he will love Nilo Pillow. Known as the World’s Most Travelled Pillow, Nilo has been to more than 100 countries already. The creator envisioned Nilo to be a Filipino character as Hello Kity is to Japan. Nilo is color black that mutates to other colors such as red, blue and purple. Nilo also has a ‘better half’ named Olin, which is color pink, and is perfect for your friend’s better half as well. For more info on Nilo and Olin, you may visit their website here.


Where to buy: At any Papemelroti stores. Or you may order via SMS: 0915-752-0242

How much: P499.00


8. Ella ‘d Explorer

To your friend who loves to take walks and explore cities and who takes the saying, “A journey starts with a single step” by heart, deserves to get a comfortable footwear this Christmas. Alsa MNL‘s products would definitely suit her. A light sandals that she can take anywhere and would take her anywhere. As Marilyn Monroe said, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Help your friend conquer the world.

Luna by Alsa MNL

Where to buy: Alsa MNL’s Facebook and Instagram page

How much: For as low as P800.00


9. Humanitarian Hannah

For the friend whose social responsibility EQ is up to the roof,  R2R’s Matt Travel Wallet is a perfect choice. Not only is she stylish as she travels with a hold-all-important-documents of a purse, she also becomes an R2R advocate. Rags 2 Riches has been championing empowerment of the marginalized through livelihood. She gets to rally behind a cause through your gift of support to the organization.

Where to buy: Rags 2 Riches Online Store

How much:  P789


For your last minute gift shopping, Travel Finds Shop gathered 9 unique gift ideas, most of which  you can purchase online! How convenient!

Just a piece of advice, do not stick with the usual. Be creative in choosing your presents. If you will look further, you would see there are A LOT of gifts to choose from!

They may say that it is the thought that counts, but it is still better if it was well-thought of.

Merry Christmas from Travel Finds Shop.