Concept Behind–because we like you to get to know us

Outfit Concept

We understand the pain of having to match items in the closet, in the unholiest hour of the day–upon waking up, when brain cells are just too lazy to help you. We’ve heard that so many times from peers.

That is why the “whole outfit for sale” was born. Instead of just flashing items that might interest you, we took the pleasure of showing you ways on how to style and pair items up. Isn’t that heaven’s gift coming your way?

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Travel Essentials Concept

We, at TFS, love to search an Ikea-of-sort for traveling. Don’t you just love to witness ingenious creations that make traveling easier, more convenient, while being stylish? We do. That’s why we took it as a job to find more of those for you. Just watch out for more surprisingly amazing travel essentials that you didn’t know you needed or even existed!

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