Back story: Travel Finds Hand-Painted Canvas Bags by Jamie Fournier

I’ve had a long time thing for canvases that even before the birth of Travel Finds, I have imagined creating products out of it. Whenever I see something on sale, especially if it was such a novelty, there’s that pang of “could’ve-been-my-brainchild” kind of pain.

Then you go through Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief, eventually you let the idea go.

Travel Finds then came to life and I knew the canvases will play a role one day, I just couldn’t figure out yet how. I’ve yet to find suppliers to create the items and decide on the design. So it got pushed to the backburner.

Until I joined the Wanderrgirl’s Blogworthy workshop and got a beautiful and simplistically designed canvas pencil case hand-painted artistically by Abbey Sy that really works.

The canvas dream once again resurfaced. I finally decided to make it one of my top goals for Travel Finds and hit several birds, namely produce something local, collaborate with a local artist, and include in the collection something handmade, creative, and original.

I contacted several raw, undiscovered artists I knew, mostly friends, (hopefully I meet new found artist friends as well for this collection) and commissioned them to create an original artwork for this collection–something that may become their trademark; that one genre they are most comfortable in.

The first Travel Finds Shop Hand-painted Canvas Bag was a collaboration with the beautiful, super talented Jamie Fournier.

I saw her gift for the arts posted on Facebook, on her Instagram, which were most of the time portraits of women who capture emotions only a true artist may evoke from his/her audience.

So here it is, my Canvas dream put into the real canvas, literally and figuratively.

I am proud to finally publish for everyone to see Travel Finds Hand-Painted Canvas Bags by Jamie Fournier.

Only very limited edition so add to cart now, message in any form for first dibs!

Of course you want that one piece only you have, yes travel finder?