Art for a Cause: Handpainting-Printed Canvas Bags by Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds x Yolanda Victims

Make that double cause.

If you’ve been following us, even better, if you were among the lucky few who got dibs on the limited edition hand-painted canvas bags by Jamie Fournier x Travel Finds (First-Borne Batch) that sold out in less than 48 hours (breathe), you would be familiar with our art meets fashion passion project.

Jcaf Canvas Bags x Travel Finds Daydreamer IMG_1022

It was a such a hit that releasing a second-borne would only be rightfully paying homage to the arts. This second version, we wanted MORE of you arts x fashion advocates/enthusiasts to strut the art pieces in complementary with your fashion statements.

Jcaf Canvas Bags x Travel Finds La Dame Rouge IMG_1130

So.. with all tender loving care, we delicately heat-pressed Jamie Fournier’s paintings onto skillfully sewn canvas bags by a commissioned seamstress in Paete, Laguna, allowing the artworks to reach more homes!

Tapping local artisans, check!
Collaborating with a local artist, check!
Art x travel finds, check!


On top of the aforementioned advocacies, we will be sharing a part of our proceeds to the distressed families of Yolanda super typhoon. More bags sold, more funds raised! You truly helped us help.

So for every handpainting-printed canvas bag you purchase, you are supporting:

  • local artisans in the province
  • a local artist’s craft
  • and the victims of the super typhoon

You get of course a smashing ART piece of a bag (that’s a super great art deal already!) for school/work, the mall, or even for your grocery. It’s a win-win purchase! Your P300 went beyooond already!

Jcaf Canvas Bags x Travel Finds Women IMG_1348


It’s a perfect affordable (guilt-free) Christmas gift for your family and girl friends, too! We suggest you slip a personal card inside before wrapping for a really personalized, back-to-basic present your loved one will truly appreciate.

Jcaf Canvas Bags x Travel Finds   IMG_1184

We’re shipping first batch next week (first week of December)! Order now if you want your artsy bag to get to you in time for gift-giving! :]

Price: P300

Size: 12 in x 15 in

*Free shipping for orders of 3 or more :]

For pre-orders, contact:


mobile: +63.927.202.2017

or head on to our Travel Finds’ Shop