WHAT WE DO. We travel. We scour for travel finds. We sell them on our online store.

Our travel haul ranges from clothing to accessories, from home decor to random odd travel finds.

All travel finds are curated by Chief Traveler, Jayme del Rosario. We particularly select those that are made/sourced/handcrafted by independent entrepreneurs to provide them more exposure to help them grow as we do.

We hand you a glimpse and a touch of the travelers’ world when you have to stay where you are.

When home, we design our own travel (finds) items that we think you will like.


For You. We love to surround your life with conversation pieces that inspire you to travel more. In effect these travel finds also strike the excitement to travel to people you meet or welcome in your home. We’re going for the small subtle ripple effect to move our immediate community (you!) to go on adventures and explore more.

For Them. The local artisans, the independent artists, the small businesses need to be seen and helped to grow. We love being an additional venue for them to showcase their hand and heart works.

For Us. We travel a lot, so we thought our travel finds can bring in extra travel fund! It’s one aha- moment in travel.

We believe in traveling the world as the best history, culture, and sociology teacher. It’s an added perk to find something extraordinary along the way like a quirky cafe tucked in narrow alley, a breath-taking paradise, a symbolic, albeit, mundane geographic key chain, or perhaps, a eureka moment.

PURSUIT. Each day we’re looking for worthy travel finds to share to you for inspiration or for personal consumption. We’ll continue to create valuable travel-related resources that will benefit you as a traveler or an inspiration seeker.

While we share our travelthon and search for glorious travel finds around the country and the world, our silent pursuit is to inspire even just a single soul to travel; to explore life like how your inner gut tells you how, and pick out only what you think can help build the life you imagined.

VISION. Beyond being a pool of products created by beautiful hands and differently thinking minds and a medium for them to be seen by more hearts and eyes, our totally will-fluff-our-heart big picture for Travel Finds Shop is to be the Etsy for CAREFULLY CURATED, LIMITED SUPPLY TRAVEL FINDS!

This is what our future looks like:

  • A travel find-filled brick and mortar shop with nowhere-else-to-be-found displays
  • An enabler of communities of local artisans, independent artists, and small businesses
  • The first thing in mind for heart-fluttering, tastefully curated pieces.

Travel to see, to understand, to feel. Travel away and back, and find something to take with you. While you have to stay where you are, check out our TRAVEL FINDS!

The whole travel-shop-sell concept was a vision of its chief traveler, Jayme del Rosario, the idea of which was sparked by her sister who she was visiting in Ho Chi Minh City, then.

Jayme is a traveler, writer, photography hobbyist and a learning entrepreneur. She’s into design, art, and product development. She has the eye for items that are out of the ordinary.

The book Renaissance Soul once taught her to tabulate all her strengths and interests in one column and create a Venn Diagram of the possible careers out of the items in the column. That’s, in a nutshell, how Travel Finds Shop came to life.


Travel Finds Shop is driven by a small team of young go-getters and doers and experienced artisans.

We are nourished and moved forward by our most-admired collaborators–those who are great at doing what we can’t do.


Travel Fund



Hammock Republic



Jaimee Igarta Accessories

Las Aves

Batak Crafts

JCAF Artwork by Jamie Fournier 

Woodworks by artisans of Paete, Laguna

Handmade Home


Eco Choices Ph

Photography by LA Madridejos & Jayme del Rosario

Logo design by Audz Ang

Simplistic but bright and light website developed by The Website House (click link to ask for a quote)



Travel Finds is a community of smart female young, city-dwelling adults who are passionate about travel, the arts, and quirks that are out of the ordinary.

We love interesting fashion and home adorned with conversation pieces. We are anti-cliches. We don’t follow the trend. We spark it. We fill our lives with memories that bring us to places.

Our perfect avatar are the creative beings who search for the artsy, bordering the boho, always on the look-out for palpable energy and soul-awakening experiences through travel.

If you are who we just described, we’re thrilled for you to be a part of the community! Feel free to sign up below.

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2008 Idea tested under the brand name Bruzaar

2012 Travel Finds Shop came to life, joining bazaars and selling on Multiply while building the website

2014 Officially registered under the business name Travel Finds Enterprise. Yes, we are a legitimately tax-paying online shop! When we registered in 2014, they didn’t even know where to categorize us just yet! You can trust us when you shop from us online.

In the same year we had a small feature in Entrepreneur Magazine August issue! Woot!

Entrepreneur Mag feature August 2014

2016 Opened 1st brick and mortar shop after being selected to become part of the pioneer batch of Hub | Make Lab, the newest incubation space for start-ups, artists, makers, and creative entrepreneurs who wants to test their ideas in a more sustainable setting.

Our latest hauls and designed travel items on TRAVEL FINDS SHOP

We have created earning OPPORTUNITIES for you, so we may all grow together. You may read the super easy program here.

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We want you updated on our product launches, announcements, contests, giveaways, travel finds stories and interviews with travelers. We wrapped them all for you here on the TRAVEL FINDS BLOG.

Chief Traveler, Jayme, shares her travel photography and insights to somehow inspire you to explore as she does on her travelthon blog.

We created a TRAVEL RESOURCES page to make it easy for when you finally decided enough hovering on travel blogs.

18th Global Pinoy Bazaar, Glorietta Activity Center, December 7-11, 2016

Hub | Make Lab, Escolta, May 2016 *ongoing! open Tue-Sun 11am-8pm!

Intramuros Pasyal, 2015, April 2016

Greenfield Weekend Market, April 2016

The Block Party, Alabang Country Club, March 2016

Flow in the City, Fullybooked, June 2015

End of Summer Bazaar, Venice Piazza, May 2015

Pop-Up Store, Glorietta, April 2015

Mid Summer Night Bazaar, Mckinley, April 2015

BGC Art Mart, High Street, September 2014, March 2015

Saturday x Future Market, Escolta, April 2014 – March 2015

Sidcor Sunday Market, 2014

Entrep Fair, Miriam College, 2013

Bazaar for All Seasons, UP Bahay ng Alumni, Dec 2012

Hope for the Holidays Christmas Bazaar, Cubao X, December 2012

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Join 767 others! Help us reach 800!