Carefully curated travel finds by a traveler, for a traveler and the traveler-at-heart


WHAT I DO. I travel. I scour for travel finds. I sell them on this website.

I believe in traveling the world as the best history, culture, and sociology teacher. It’s an added perk to find something extraordinary along the way like a quirky cafe tucked in narrow alley, a breath-taking paradise, a symbolic, albeit, mundane geographic key chain, or perhaps, a eureka moment.

Explore your neighborhood. Explore the world. It’s too amazing to just sit on that chair.

To earn a living through living the life is just the icing on the cake. My heart’s pretty happily fat with the cake already, if you ask me.

PURSUIT. While I share my travelthon and search for glorious travel finds around the country and the world, my silent pursuit is to inspire even just a single soul to travel; to explore life like how your inner gut tells you how, and pick out only what you think can help build the life you imagined.

VISION. Beyond being a pool of products created by beautiful hands and differently thinking minds and a medium for them to be seen by more hearts and eyes, my totally will-fluff-my-heart big picture for Travel Finds Shop is to be the Etsy for ALL THINGS TRAVEL!

Travel to see, to understand, to feel. Travel away and back, and find something to take with you. While you have to stay where you are, check out my TRAVEL FINDS!