I Travel. I take home travel finds. I sell them on this website.

I believe in traveling the world as the best history, culture, and sociology teacher. It’s an added perk to find something extraordinary along the way like a breath-taking paradise, a meaningful, albeit, mundane geographic key chain, or perhaps, a eureka moment.

Explore your neighborhood. Explore the world. It’s too amazing to just sit on that chair.

To earn a living through living the life is just the icing on the cake. My heart’s pretty happily fat with the cake already, if you ask me.

While I search for glorious travel finds around the world, I have a long-term dream of exploring every inch space of the Philippines to find hidden and underexposed gems. My alter ego envisions to provide a venue for local artists to get their art out and be known.

To be in a country that has been endowed with abundant natural resources, coupled with skills that create functional art, I’m just excited to be a vehicle for discovering young, raw talents and authentically, proudly Filipino products.

I say, travel away, and back, and find something to take with you. While you’re at it, check out my travel finds!